MTN Nigeria's Adia Sowho: Sharing Is A Must

The Flip podcast in conversation with Adia Sowho, CMO of MTN Nigeria, former Interim CEO of Thrive Agric.

Ham Serunjogi: How Chipper Cash is Surviving the Slowdown

The Flip podcast: a conversation with Ham Serunjogi, Co-founder and CEO of the African fintech Chipper Cash.

Making Borders Matter Less with Onafriq's Dare Okoudjou

A conversation with MFS Africa's Dare Okoudjou about their rebrand and evolution to Onafriq.

Investing in African Talent with YC's Michael Seibel & Microtraction's Kwamena Afful

A conversation with Y Combinator's Michael Seibel and Microtraction's Kwamena Afful.

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A pragmatic and hopefully hype-free exploration of the crypto ecosystem across the African continent.

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An in-depth exploration of the prevalent themes, topics, lessons, and questions from around the ecosystem.

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