African Small Businesses Have Many Challenges. Can These Platforms Help?

Jobtech platforms need to solve problems across the value chain to help both SMEs and their own businesses grow in Africa.

Why Are Cross-Border Payments So Hard?

A roundtable with NALA's Benjamin Fernandes and Dan Kleinbaum, Co-founder of Beyonic and GTXN, recorded live from the FT Partners Fintech in Africa Summit.

Nigerian Neobank Roundtable: Moniepoint, Kuda, FairMoney

A roundtable with Moniepoint's Tosin Eniolorunda, Kuda's Babs Ogundeyi, and FairMoney's Laurin Hainy.

The Future of Work Will Be Bootstrapped

The future of work isn’t going to be designed or endowed. It’s going to be bootstrapped.

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