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We publish a narrative podcast, a weekly, bite-sized newsletter, and long-form essays.

The Flip explores contextually relevant stories from entrepreneurs changing the status quo in Africa. We aggregate, distill, and disseminate the wisdom from those who have “been there and done that”, to help other entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem players understand the nuances and complexities of scaling a tech startup on the African continent.

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The Flip’s narrative podcast episodes explore one theme, with insights from a multidisciplinary set of contributors from across sectors and geographies. At the end of each episode, The Flip’s Founder, Justin Norman, has a retrospective conversation with Executive Producer, Sayo Folawiyo, to try to make sense of what was shared. The episodes bring much-needed context to the ecosystem’s discourse.

We’ve interviewed founders of $100 million-plus tech companies, mobile money executives, investors across every stage of investment, and everything in between.

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The Flip Notes

Building a startup is hard. We share bite-sized, contextually relevant insights and stories to try to make building on the continent a little bit easier.

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Long(er)-form analysis on the how and the why.

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About The Flip

The Flip was founded by Justin Norman, an American entrepreneur living in South Africa. After quickly learning that his entrepreneurial education, aided and abetted by Silicon Valley-style thought leadership, was not contextually relevant for the African market, its nuances or its complexities, Justin started talking to and learning from founders. Those conversations turned into a narrative podcast – The Flip.

The name The Flip comes from the opportunity to flip the script – to question some of the pervasive narratives on entrepreneurship and champion the entrepreneurs building a future inspired by Africa.

You can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and can get in touch with us here.