Adewale Yusuf

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Adewale Yusuf is a three-time founder changing the way opportunity is distributed, developed, and democratised across the Continent. He currently serves as Co-founder and CEO of AltSchool Africa and TalentQL.

In this role, he leads his team in delivering edtech and recruitment products, training thousands of students in software engineering, product development, and tech leadership. Prior to founding TalentQL, he grew Techpoint Africa into the largest media company covering the African tech ecosystem. Adewale gained over a decade of experience building in Africa. He and his team bridged critical gaps, gathering data and insights in reporting, tracking, and African community reporting on founders, fundraising, and future plans. Through this work, Adewale got to build relationships with 80+% of tech founders across Africa and hosted critical players from international markets to the likes of Jack Dorsey of Twitter.

He currently serves on the board of Life Beyond Disability, a non-profit advocating for the rights and empowerment of persons living with disability in Africa. Adewale believes improving education on the Continent is the key to unlocking the Future of Work, ensuring everyone has access to opportunities that allow them to develop in-demand skills.

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