Alexis Roman

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Alexis is the Co-founder and CEO of Koa, a digital savings fintech startup based in Nairobi, Kenya. .

Since graduating from McGill University with a degree in Finance and Economics, Alexis has spent the majority of his professional career as an advisor to early-stage startups across North America and Africa. Alexis moved to Accra, Ghana, in 2018 to join MEST Africa as a Venture Partner, where he led the funding process and capital disbursement while working directly with portfolio companies across Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. He then joined Helium Health as Head of Strategy and New Markets, where he was focused on leading Helium's expansion plans across Africa and other regions.

Beyond his work at Koa, Alexis has also been a mentor for Google's Launchpad Accelerator and a Venture Scout at Microtraction.