Carlin Henikoff

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Carlin Henikoff serves as Chief of Staff at AltSchool Africa. She ensures the right people, resources, and systems get deployed to address the internal and external challenges the organization encounters as it equips the workforce of the future. As AltSchool Africa scaled from half a dozen to several dozen employees in 6 months, Carlin strategically addressed growing pains, enabling our team to engage over 11,000 students in more than 17 African countries eager to gain in-demand marketable skills.

For the better part of the last decade, Carlin has explored the ways human-centered technology can work in tandem with self-directed education to connect and empower people at scale. She supported early-stage startups’ Business Development at Techstars Toronto. She designed and delivered programs in a dozen US locations, helping inner-city girls learn to code through social-impact projects.

Carlin has published papers and presented at local and international conferences, collaborating in democratically assessed-and-accepted science-of-science research focused on discerning the general mechanism of scientific change. She studied Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto and French Literature at Northwestern University.

An avid cyclist, she feels most grounded exploring the world at the pace and scale that a bike affords. Carlin has organized several multi-day rides, including a 6-day 880km trip from Chicago to Toronto in 2019.

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