Suleman Sule

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Suleman is the Director of Pharmacy Services at Field Intelligence.

In addition, Suleman has been the General Manager of Operations for the brand’s supply chain service, Shelf Life, since 2018.

As part of the senior leadership team within the company, Suleman leads the Nigeria operations overseeing supply chain management, operational quality control, regulatory compliance and communications with key stakeholders.

Suleman has built his career within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry over the past 13 years, which has allowed him to work for various multinationals such as Novartis and Medplus. Prior to his professional career, Suleman studied Pharmacy at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria which led to a Masters in Public Health focusing on Health Economics & Policy from the University of York. He was also awarded an executive MBA from the Business School Netherlands.

By nurturing his experience within a number of healthcare settings, Suleman has built a passion for the sector and has also been able to contribute to wider regional projects, such as the community-based health insurance scheme project for the Ogun State Government & Primary Healthcare Development Agency.

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