Our Story

Exploring contextually relevant insights from entrepreneurs and investors changing the status quo in Africa.

My name is Justin Norman – I’m the Founder of The Flip. I’m also an American expat, who’s lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for the past two and a half years.

In my pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors on the continent, I learned very quickly that my “western” upbringing and experience left me not knowing much about operating in South Africa and beyond. My entrepreneurial education, aided and abetted by Silicon Valley-style thought leadership, was not contextually relevant for this market, its nuances or its complexities.

I needed a new frame of reference, which led me to conversations with practitioners across the continent, and those conversations turned into an editorial-style podcast – The Flip. We have since grown to produce omnichannel content, including a newsletter, sent every Sunday, which contains thoughtful analysis and commentary on what’s happening across the entrepreneurship ecosystem on the continent.  

The name The Flip comes from the opportunity to flip the script – to question some of the pervasive narratives on entrepreneurship and champion the entrepreneurs building a future inspired by Africa.

Our content is built by insights from some of the most audacious and impressive entrepreneurs and investors around the African continent, and produced in collaboration with Sayo Folawiyo, who was my first interviewee and enjoyed it so much he proclaimed himself executive producer and “b-mic” of the podcast.

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