S2E9: Much Ado About the Media

September 24, 2020

In this episode, we explore and unpack the relationship between the tech ecosystem and the media. We'll seek answers to questions such as - what roles do media publications play in the ecosystem? How does this differ between international and local publications? What are the key considerations for the media in doing this work, particularly from a talent and business model perspective? What about companies creating their own content - what is their motivation and what can be learned? And, why is there seemingly a contentious relationship between African tech and the media?

[02:27] - We talk public relations utility and strategy, with Wimbart's Jessica Hope.

[06:47] - What role does international tech media play in the ecosystem? We hear from TechCrunch contributing writer Jake Bright.

[12:05] - A discussion with Tomiwa Aladekomo, of Big Cabal Media, the parent company to TechCabal, on the publications' objectives and challenges.

[17:03] - We explore how one publication, Stears Business, is tackling information scarcity, talent, and business model challenges in Nigeria, with Preston Ideh.

[23:05] - We speak with Paystack's Emmanuel Quartey on the company's editorial approach and hiring content to solve a problem.

[28:23] - Is there a contentious relationship between African tech and the media? Are those in the ecosystem playing their part in sharing with requisite openness and transparency?

[30:41] - A retrospective conversation between Sayo Folawiyo, Justin Norman, and this episode's co-producer Osarumen Osamuyi, on the environmental challenges of building sustainable media businesses and meeting the expectations of the tech ecosystem.

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This episode features:

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